Panel discussion: Political violence and shrinking civic space in the Eastern Partnership region

Political violence has become an increasing phenomenon in relation to the global trend of shrinking civic space, something which is increasingly relevant and problematic in the Eastern Partnership region (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus). This seminar will bring forward three voices from the region highlighting different challenges that the civil society and human rights activists are facing but also focus on examples and success stories of how to work against political violence and the obstacles for civil society movements. The panelists will share experiences and reflections from the challenges and situations in Azerbaijan, Belarus and Ukraine where the work and struggle for human rights, anti-corruption and LGBTQ movements are under constant pressure, threat and vulnerability. The discussions will touch on the background to the current situation as well as perceptions on the future development within the context and how it affect human rights and the civil society in the region in general bit within Azerbaijan, Belarus and Ukraine in specific.
Part of the seminar will be dedicated to questions from the audience to the panel so be prepared for a really interesting, relevant and though-provoking discussion.


  • Rasul Jafarov, Chairman of the Human Rights Club (HRC), a Baku-based non-governmental organization focusing on promotion and protection of fundamental political and civic freedoms, as well as democratic development
  • Alesia Rudnik, analyst and journalist at the Ostrogorski Centre and is mainly writing about political and social issues in Belarus for Belarus Diges
  • Martin Uggla, chairman of Östgruppen

Time and place: Friday November 16, 10:30-12:00, Älvsjömässan.

The seminar is part of the Human Rights Days, and is organized in coorperation with the Swedish Civil Society Network for EaP & Russia, RFSU, Kvinna till Kvinna and Forum Syd

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