The link between corruption and human rights violations. The case of Russia

AK2The extensive corruption in Russia is a problem that affects many parts of the Russian society. Not only does corruption hamper the economic growth and destroys the efficiency of the state system, but has also got a huge effect on discrimination, inequality, impunity and human rights violations. The correlation between corruption and human rights is strong: The higher level of corruption there is  – the poorer is also the human rights record. Russia illustrates a striking example for this phenomenon.

On the 10th of May, Östgruppen invites you to a lecture by Russian journalist and human rights defender Andrey Kalikh, who has written several reports on corruption in Russia. While Andrey was working as a human rights defender, he established clear facts that the most of the human rights violations in Russia are based on corruption. For this reason, after almost 20 years defending human rights, he turned to anti-corruption work. During the evening Andrey will present examples of the linkage between corruption and human rights violations in Russia and give suggestions on what we can do to support this work.


Andrey Kalikh is a freelance journalist and former co-worker at the Centre for development of democracy and human rights. He is the head of the expertgroup of anti-corruption within the Russian-European Civil Society Forum. Co-author of the reports ” Corruption and Human Rights in Contemporary Russia”, ”Russian black money in the EU”, ”Indications of Transborder Corruption in Investment Projects in Russia” and The role of civil society in fighting corruption”.

Place: The Swedish Institute, Slottsbacken 10.
Time: May 10th, 18.00
Language: English

Some of the above-mentioned reports will be available during the seminar.


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