Al Jazeera: Belarus Confirms Teddy Bear Drop

”People didn’t really think that this [airdrop] was real, and I was one of those who also doubted it,” said Martin Uggla, the head of Östgruppen, a Swedish human rights group. ”And that meant that a lot of the discussion was about that issue and not about the situation in Belarus.”


Uggla agreed the incident was embarrassing to Belarus. ”Obviously they were not prepared, and they did not know what to do once a plane went into that territory,” he told Al Jazeera. One of the aims of the airdrop, he said, ”was to laugh at the regime, to show how incompetent they are, and they managed to do that”.
Al Jazeera


Beställ blankett för autogirobetalning

Fyll i formuläret nedan. Vi skickar dig då en blankett som du fyller i och skickar tillbaka i ett frankerat svarsbrev. I formulärets meddelanderuta här nedanför kan du ställa frågor, lämna ytterligare upplysningar eller skicka en hälsning, om du vill.